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Work of 6th Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music)

Microfilm: Somewhere, someday


微電影: 彼岸

Year : 2019

Production House: Verse Case Scenario

Producer : Ceci Fok Pui Sze

Director: Lee Hoi Wah

Singer : Mason Ma 《 遊戲人生》

Screenplay : Cheung Wing Sum, Lee Hoi Wah

Production Manager : Lee Ching Tung Givy

Cinematographer : Timliu Liu

Gaffer : Wong Man Pan
Art Director : Leung Kit Ying , Cheung Bing

Art Team: Jackson Wong, Chan Annebell, Wong Suk Nga, Hung Wing Chu

彼岸  - 第六屆【微電影「創+作」支援計劃(音樂篇)】

彼岸 - 第六屆【微電影「創+作」支援計劃(音樂篇)】

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